Travel has taught me that the world isn’t as scary as I grew up believing.

Hi, I’m Samantha. Entrepreneurship and a desire to travel have always been in my veins. When I was 14 years old, I started a blog, Learn in Color. By 17, I was making a full-time income as an entrepreneur. After graduating both high school and college early, I struggled to figure out what I wanted out of life.

In 2021, a close friend of a close friend passed away suddenly. She, her husband, and their baby daughter were in a car accident. We were the same age: 22. I realized life is short and there was so much more I wanted to do with my life. I sold all my stuff and on December 31, 2021, started the 2000+ miles from a small town in Indiana to Los Angeles, California. I was scared of leaving everything I knew and loved behind.

Since January 1, I’ve been to 4 countries, 12 states, and 12 National Parks. I snorkeled in Hawaii, hiked in the Rocky Mountains, ice climbed in Iceland, watched the sunset on a volcano, and surfed throughout southern California.

Travel has helped me expand my frames of reference, get outside my comfort zone, and has helped me see myself in a new light.

All my life, I’ve been told a lot of things and have held a lot of beliefs about myself.

I’m a bad cook. I’m shy and awkward. I’m a bad driver. I’m not athletic. I have no sense of direction. I don’t have any coordination or balance. You get the picture.

These had become part of my identity. This year, when I stopped telling myself I was bad at this stuff and started surrounding myself with people who wouldn’t listen to my excuses, I actually discovered I wasn’t that bad at it. (Well, mostly.)

Bad balance? I learned how to longboard on the beach. I haven’t injured myself yet.

Scared of heights? I started bouldering and belaying. Which somehow led to hiking a glacier and ice climbing in Iceland.

Bad at driving? I successfully drove and parallel parked a camper van. I didn’t hit any curbs…or people.

Bad with directions? I traveled to Sweden and Denmark by myself. I only got lost once.

Her Host empowers women through connections and affordable travel.

This year wouldn’t be possible without an amazing support team behind me. Whether it be friends back home or strangers I met on a hike, this year has been amazing because of the people I’ve met along the way.

That’s why I created Her Host. Travel has taught me so much about the world. There are so many amazing places, foods, and people outside of your hometown. Her Host is a small step in helping make travel more accessible, affordable, and helping the world be a little more connected.