FAQs for Hosts

Do I have to hang out with my guests?

Nope, guests are just happy for a place to stay. However, I’ve loved going out to eat with guests and showing them around my area if I have the time.

What do I need to host?

To host, you must pass a background check and provide references.

I am transgender. Can I join as a host or guest?

If you are female you may join the site. To prevent men using the site and posing as women, we require users to be legal females. People of any gender may join a female guest.

Can I host with other people living in the apartment/home?

Yes, you may host with others living in the home. Whether it is with roommates, kids, or a partner, just state this in your listing. (and be respectful to the other people living there!) When I joined Couchsurfing.com, I was unable to find a host for two cities I tried and kept getting a bunch of message requests from guys clearly using it as a dating app. I’ve talked to several female travelers who only stay with male hosts if they have several positive reviews from females. But why have to go through this hassle to make sure you’re not harassed?

HerHost prioritizes the safety AND comfort of women. Some ladies may want homes only hosted by solo females, but some are okay with staying with couples. It’s her choice.

How do I ensure I have positive experiences on HerHost?

Communication is key! From how guests can into the house to who is living there, let guests know what to expect.

My place isn’t fancy! Can I still host?

My place isn’t fancy either! Whether it’s a couch, an air mattress, or a spare bedroom, provide your guest with a safe, clean, and comfortable stay.

How do I let guests in my house?

There are a few different options. As a guest, sometimes I relied on communication with my host (and have only been able to access the house when they’re home), other times I was given a key (check out these lockboxes), and other times I was able to let myself in with a digital lock that hosts are able to switch out in between guests.

For me personally, I usually give my guest a spare key.

I’m worried about my things getting stolen.

This is a common worry and something I was worried about when I started hosting or as I’ve hired dog sitters to go into my house. All guests are background checked and ID checked. Our initial launch is with a closed group of vetted, trustworthy people and experienced travelers and hosts. We recommend chatting with your future guest and setting up a video call. Trust your gut. Read reviews and leave honest reviews. If something feels wrong, you can always decline a stay. From my experiences, people are just happy for a budget-friendly stay and a welcoming host.

As the site evolves, we will be implementing a friending technique, mutual friends, references, and more to provide increased trust and safety for both hosts and guests. 

Please report any problems to our customer service team and we will respond to you ASAP.

Can I leave guests alone in the house?

This is up to you, just share your expectations in your listing. As a guest, sometimes I’ve been in the home alone and other times I’ve used it as a place to sleep and the host was always home.

What if I have a problem?

Please contact 911 for all emergencies. If you have safety concerns, problems booking, or otherwise run into problems, please message us at: sam@herhost.com.

Does HerHost provide insurance?

HerHost does not offer insurance. We recommend you have an insurance plan to cover damage within the home.

FAQs for Guests

What is expected of me as a guest?

Unlike a rental or vacation home, you are quite literally in someone’s home. Let you host know your approximate arrival and departure times. Clean up after yourself and leave the space better than you found it. Feel free to strike up a conversation with your host – check out their bio and see if you have anything in common.

Can I bring a pet along?

As much as we love our furry friends, for our beta test, we are only allowing humans.

Can I travel with my male partner or son?

For our launch, guests may bring up to one person with them. Please state this in your booking request and be mindful of the host’s space. Hosts have the option to choose to be able to host male partners, friends, or sons.

How do I ensure I have positive experiences on HerHost?

Communication is key! From how guests can into the house to who is living there, let guests know what to expect.

HerHost seeks to connect female travelers with hosts around the US. We are not a dating app or a site for hosting parties or events.